Best TV Series To Watch This Summer!

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    So, you’ve finally found some time to yourself.

    We know it can be hard with all the stresses of everyday life, from your ignorant boss to that overly intrusive neighbour, we know it’s tough.

    And that’s why having some time to curl up on the couch and have some you-time is all so precious.

    So, we’ve decided to save you some time by rounding up all the best TV series available this year.

    We’ve got everything from your gripping dramas like Twin Peaks sand Jamestown to your action-packed thrillers like Prison Break and Game of Thrones.

    All of which can currently found on Now TV btw.

    Jamestown, out just this year, follows a new colony of men who, just 12 years on are awaiting the arrival of a ship from England, on board, a group of women destined to be married to the men of Jamestown.

    The land being absent from women for so long, they have no idea what disruption their arrival will bring to the people of Jamestown.

    Rather try something tried and tested? Follow the crowd and get involved with Games of Thrones.

    All those people can’t be wrong, right? We’ve even got a sneaky discount for you for Now TV Discount Code where you can find both shows as well as many more.

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